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Can An Electric Car Handle The Coquihalla?

While spring is around the corner, the fact is for electric vehicle owners, current and future, winter and battery range are critical considerations.

An excellent article written by Jason Tchir was just posted on TheGlobeAndMail.com specifically addressing this.

In it, he spoke with Bruce Sharpe, president of the Vancouver Electrical Vehicle Association who outlined some of the key factors to consider for those needing range in winter conditions.

“It comes down to the size of the battery,” he said. “If you’ve got an electric car with a battery capacity of 60 Kilowatt hours [kwh] or better – that would be a Chevy Bolt, the Tesla Model S or even a Tesla Model 3 – everything is probably going to be fine under those circumstances.”

For the article the distance used was from Kelowna to Hope or 239 kilometers along the Coquihalla.

The only battery-electric cars with the range to cover a distance like that on a single charge are the $43,000 Chevy Bolt (383 km), the $132,000 Tesla Model X (420 km) and the $95,000 Tesla Model S (435 km).

To read the article in it’s entirety, visit The Globe and Mail.

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Great for Summer too!!

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